onsdag 3 september 2014

Program for Pax Baltica 2014, October 15 and 16

October 15

1000: Press meeting at the County Governor’s Residence for specially invited

1115: Lunch at the County Governor’s Residence for those specially listed and invited

1300-1700 Public lectures at the theatre in ”Konserthuset”

1300: County Governor Berit Andnor Bylund welcomes all participants

1305: Moderator Stefan Ring opens Pax Baltica 2014
1315: The Swedish journalist Kjell-Albin Abrahamson

1355: The Swedish ambassador in Riga Henrik Landerholm                                     

1435: Coffee

1520: The scientist at the East Europe Studies Centre in Vilnius Marius Laurinavicius

1600: The Russian journalist from Kaliningrad Aleksej Milovanov
1640: Time for questions

1655: Conclusion

1700: End of lectures

1730: Transport from Kungsbron to Kungsholmen fortress for seminar participant and specially invited guests

1815: Dinner at Kungsholmen Fortress

2200: Transport to Karlskrona, Kungsbron for those not staying overnight at Kungsholmen fortress

October 16
At 0710: Transport from Kungsbron to Kungsholmen fortress for seminar participants not having stayed overnight

0715: Breakfast in the canteen for all participants

0800: Short survey and assignments to different seminar groups

0945: Coffee in the canteen

1115: Lunch in the canteen

1210: Gathering for a short walk around the Kungsholmen fortress

1245: Summing up of the group discussions / coffee.

1330: Transport back to Karlskrona, Kungsbron. Pax Baltica finished.

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